6 Ways to Know Before You Upgrade Car Speakers

A car is a transportation tool. We usually drive it when we want to go somewhere. However, how we use the car today is different than in the past. Nowadays, a car isn’t only a transportation tool. A car is also a place where you can have a great and fun time, alone or with your friends. Therefore, many car owners try to make their cars comfortable by adding many kinds of accessories. One of them is the speaker. 

The standard speaker of our car usually isn’t enough to satisfy our necessity of a good-quality sound and best experience in enjoying our favorite music. so, it’s not wrong, if you plan to upgrade car speakers. By upgrading your standard car speakers, you will get many benefits from it. the most obvious benefit is that you will get better sound quality. 

There is nothing wrong with the standard car speaker. However, mostly, it only gives you nothing but the standard sound quality. If you want to listen to your favorite music at its fullest quality, or you want to feel the real bass sound from your car speaker, upgrading it is the only way to get that.

Moreover, if you have already installed a better speaker, you can still upgrade it because the technology in car speaker keeps evolving. You may need to do it sooner and often than what you expected. Now, if you plan to upgrade your car speaker, here are several things you need to do.

Perform a Self-assessment

Perform a Self assessment sound

The first thing you should do is performing a self-assessment to find out the real quality of your car sound system. There are many methods you can use for this step. For example, you just need to play music in your car and you listen to it. If you think there is different quality than the sound produced by your stereo system in your house or sound from a headphone that you usually use, you can see if it needs upgrading or not. You may need to change the entire car speaker and sound system to get the best sound quality.

The other method is using several setting for your favorite music or song. For example, when you play it once, you try to maximize the treble to see if your car speakers can produce good music from it. then, turn up the bass to see how it will be. You also can try to play music in low and high volume. See if the low or high volume can produce sound with good bass and treble. If it’s music, make sure the singer voice can be heard clearly. If you are not satisfied, that’s the sign to upgrade it.

Get a New Head Unit

Get a New Head Unit

If you are ready to upgrade your car speaker, you can start to search for a new head unit. Your car sound quality is affected by its head unit. The best thing about the head unit is you won’t have a problem to purchase aftermarket head unit. Almost every month or year, there is a new head unit launched to market. So, you can get a cheap price for this part.

And, find out what kind of stereo head unit that your car use. mostly, you can find two types of the stereo system, which is the single DIN and double DIN car stereo. So, choose the head unit that matches your car stereo system.

You also may consider the brand. For example, for a better double DIN head unit, you can try thepioneer double din head unit. This brand is not only available in many options and features. But, it’s also one of the cheapest. 

On the other hand, if you really want to invest in the head unit, do not hesitate. Head unit is like the core of your car sound system. So, use the best or the most expensive one, such as thealpine head unit.

Get Some New Speakers

best car audio speakers

Once you find the head unit, the next thing to do is finding the best car audio speakers. There are many things you need to consider when you choose the speaker. First of all, choose the speaker with the right size. You can find more information about it on your car manufacturer website. Then, buy the new car speaker of the same size. 

You also can choose a speaker with a bigger size. However, you may need to build the base where you install it. And it can cost a lot. Moreover, you need to replace the original base, which can affect your car value. So, it would be better if you choose the same size.

Similar to the head unit, you also need to choose the right brand. For example, pioneer car speakers are well-known for their quality and variety. This is a popular brand, so you can expect some good customer service from them. If you prefer other brands, you also can try jbl car speakers or other brands that you like. Make sure to consult with the expert before deciding the speaker, especially the expert from the workshop where you are going to upgrade your car speaker.

Amplify Your Sound

Once you find the car speaker type that you need and like, you also need to plan how to make it sound like what you want. You can do this by choosing a certain type of speaker combination for your car. There are two types you can choose here, the 2-Way speaker and 3-Way speaker. So, which one is better between 2 way vs 3 way speakers?

The 2-Way speaker has only two drivers. One driver produces the higher frequencies sound, then the other one for low and mid-range frequency. The driver that controls the low and mid-range frequency won’t work effectively like when you use a separate driver for those two frequencies.

The 3-Way speaker uses three drivers for controlling high, low and mid-range frequency. So, the sound produced is much clear. But, the three drivers also create more distortion. 

If this is your first time, use the 2-Way. However, if you want to have complex sound and ability to control the sound freely, use the 3-Way. Once you decide which style you want to use, you just need to buy the best 6.5 speakers or any speaker that matches your car speaker size and install that car speaker.

Get That Bass in Your Music

Loud sound isn’t enough to make your car speaker sound better. Adding an amplifier to give the real bass sound in your car sound system is also necessary. So, how can we do that? It is simple. You just need to buy the high-end amplifier to adding more bass and clear sound in it. For example, you can buy american bass amps. They have a wide range of selection, and you can choose the one that you like.

Once you get the better amplifier and installed it, you need to set so the bass can be heard clearly and comfortably. How? It’s simple. First of all, see if your amps have a bass boost. If it has, turns it off first. Now, you need to adjust the bass gain setting and subwoofer to the low setting. Then, turn on the music and increase the setting until you hear the distortion. 

That’s the limit. Now, you can turn on the bass boost and starting to adjust the settings until that limit. Find the setting where you can’t hear the distortion (cracking, or crunching noise). And, that’s how you can get the best setting to add better bass sound in your car speaker.

Buy What You Can Afford

You need to do this before you decide to purchase all the parts we mentioned above. Expensive car speaker indeed has many features and more benefits than a cheaper one. But, it doesn’t mean the cheap car audio doesn’t have what you need. Many car audio systems aren’t affected by how good the component you use in it. It is more to how you adjust its setting.

Then, you also can try simple tips and tricks to get the best budget car stereo like this. First of all, buy the old product. As we mentioned above, the car stereo product always comes to the market every month. So, buy last year product isn’t wrong. You also can get a cheaper price this way.

Match it with your car value and your budget. If you have an old car, in most cases, you need to spend more to get better car speaker. On the other hand, you can get the best budget subwoofer car, without spending too much, if you use the newer car. The newer car is usually equipped with better car speaker. You can sell it and still get enough profit that you can use to buy the new speaker.

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Those are several tips and tricks that you need to know about upgrading your car speakers. Make sure you follow all the methods and tips we mentioned above to get the best result and sound like what you want. Help from an expert is also necessary here, especially for the installation process. Mostly, you also can buy the car speaker and other car sound system part when you use their service.

So, do not hesitate when you think your car sound system isn’t as good as what you want to be. You can always plan and find the help to upgrade car speakers these days if you use the internet. Some workshop also offers the service via their website. You won’t have any problem to find it. Last but not least, make sure you plan everything carefully, so you won’t need to spend too much budget for your car speakers.

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