Best Budget Electric Shaver in 2019

If you want to cut your hair shorter to make it cool, you need the best electric shaver. The current electric shaver has been completed by some washable functions and recharged quickly so that it is really practical and easy to use. Here is the list of recommendation of the best electric shavers. Choose the right product for you.

Wahl Professional Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Hair Clipper belongs to the best electric shaver. Wahl is a professional US – made electric shaver having low power consumption. It only consumes 8 watt. It is completed by layered blade that is very sharp and anti corrosion. In addition, its handle is not slippery so that it is comfortably and safely used. It is not noisy and easy to get hot. This shaver is completed by high quality vibrator motor for longer durability. This product can be used for both adults and kids. It is potentially used for personal and business.

Panasonic ER-GB42-K-Black

Panasonic ER 206
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If you want to require versatile product and direct use, this shaver product can be the choice. It is designed to do two functions being a shaver for moustache and beard and also hair. This shaver has S – curve shape so that it is comfortable and fit to touch. It means that it has an ergonomic design easing you to shave. You require 8 hours for charging this battery. It is able to use for 50 minutes without using a cable. Let the energy fulfilled during you’re sleeping at night. This product is designed to cut gently and perfectly.

Philips Family Hair Clipper HC 3426

Philips Family Hair Clipper HC 3426

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Philips is a famous brand that has been familiar to all people. Philips has been always created high quality and durable products. One of the products is electric shaver. Philips Family Hair Clipper HC 3426 is designed with two kinds of blade making a shaving process faster. This product can be used for 60 minutes with a battery recharging process for 8 hours. In addition, this shaver is completed by kids comb feature with 12 choices of thickness. It is able to shave kids hair without going to the salon. This Philips shaver is washable and completed by comfortable and easy to touch handle. It is a right choice for your family.

Kemei Professional Trimmer

The last recommendation is Kemei Professional Trimmer. This product is a portable electric shaver using battery to be its energy. This product has a very small size. The length is only 11 cm so that it is practically used to reach hidden and difficult area such as moustache and back area of ear. The small size eases you to shave your kids hair. In addition, this product has a nice blade designed to cut hair accurately. It is giving the tidy haircut result and running quickly. The blade is made of high quality stainless steel making it sharp, durable, and long lasting. Those reasons can put this item to be the best electric shaver in 2019.

Flyco FC 5803

Flyco FC 5803 is another recommendation for electric shaver. This product is a modern shaver made for your comfort. It makes accurate cut from a modern shaver. It has sharper and longer blade making your hair cut tidily. By using strong power system, this shaver is made of high quality machine so that there is no hair trapped in the machine. Another benefit of using this shaver is low noise technology making this shaver not noise while you’re using it. In addition, this shaver is designed for worldwide voltage so that you don’t get worried when you go abroad. It is embedded by 3 levels of haircut result such as 0.5 mm, 1.2 mm, and 1.9 mm so that you can select the desirable haircut style.

Mountain Tai Professional Hair Trimmer

This is a kind of portable electric shaver with no noise. It uses a powerful magnetic control. This electric shaver is not easily getting hot and no noisy. It has high quality blade so that it is ensured to be durable and not easy to damage. It is very comfortable and easy to use. This product uses 2 AA batteries to be energy source so that it is possibly used for months. It is easily cleaned, portable, and clean. It is suitable for you who are loving to travel because you don’t get worried to find contact switch or charger. Make sure that you have a backup battery to have this shaver to your bag.

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