How to Pair Your Laptop to a Bluetooth Device

Some Bluetooth speakers have a wireless connection system and it can be pair to a laptop. You can learn how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop. After learning the steps below you will know that it is easy to pair Bluetooth speaker to a laptop. 

Prepare Your Bluetooth Speaker 

Prepare your Bluetooth speaker before connecting it to laptop. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker power button. If you have a new Bluetooth speaker, you can read the step to turn on it on the manual book because each of the speaker models has a different way to turn on. Some Bluetooth speakers models are wireless and you just need to push the power button. Some other Bluetooth speakers are using a cable so you need to connect the power source to the power supply before turning the Bluetooth speaker on. 

Prepare Your Laptop

After turning on the Bluetooth speaker, prepare your laptop so it can connect to the Bluetooth speaker. It needs several steps to connect the laptop to the Bluetooth speaker. First, you have to click the Windows logo. The position of the Windows logo is in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Second, Find the settings logo and click it. The position of the settings logo is on the lower-left side of the Start window. Third, by the time you click the Windows settings, you will see 11 options. Click the Devices option. Fourth, you will find Bluetooth and other devices option. Just find this option on the left side of the devices page. Fifth, activate the Bluetooth by clicking the “off” switch. The position is below the Bluetooth word. The sign that you are ready to use the Bluetooth is that you see the word “On” to the right of the switch. 

Back to the Bluetooth Speaker 

Now, back to your Bluetooth speaker. You are turning on the device but you haven’t turned on the Bluetooth. To turn on the Bluetooth connection, you just need to press the Bluetooth “pair” button. The function of pressing the “pair” button is to make the Bluetooth speaker search the closest Bluetooth connection. After a few seconds, the Bluetooth speaker will find the laptop. 

Check Your Laptop 

When the Bluetooth speaker is already searching the Bluetooth from the other device, you can check your laptop. Find the +Add Bluetooth or other device and click it. This button is easy to find because the position is at the top of the page. Because you want to connect Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth button at the top of the Add a Device window. In this step, you have to check the name of your speaker. When the Bluetooth speaker is detected, the name will appear in a few seconds. Just click the right speaker’s name to connect the device. Commonly, the speaker’s name means the combination of the brand and model number of the Bluetooth speaker. 

Connect the Devices

how to connect speaker to laptop via bluetooth

Now, both of the devices are finding each other. You just have to connect the Bluetooth. Click the “Pair” button. When you click the pair button it means your Bluetooth speaker will connect to your computer. 

Play the Music

When the Bluetooth is connected, you can play your favorite music from your computer to your Bluetooth speaker. 

Some of you might Use Mac to do your activity including listening to music. So, how to connect Bluetooth speaker on Mac?

Prepare the Bluetooth Speaker 

The first step is turning on the Bluetooth speaker by pressing the power button. It is the same with the way to turn on Bluetooth speaker on Windows. 

Turn On the Bluetooth on Your Mac 

Next, go to your Mac and click the Bluetooth icon. Just check the upper-right side of your Mac’s screen. Sometimes, you can’t find this icon anywhere on the screen. If it is so, open the Apple menu and click System Preference. Then, you will see Bluetooth and click it. When it is ready, find the Open Bluetooth Preferences and click this button. This is used to open the Bluetooth settings menu. You don’t have to do this step if you open the Bluetooth settings menu from System Preferences. 

Check the Bluetooth Connection 

The point of this step is to turn on the Bluetooth. Because of that, you just need to click Turn Bluetooth On button. The sign that the Bluetooth is on is that you see Turn Bluetooth off and you are ready to use the connection.      

Turn the Bluetooth Connection on the Bluetooth Speaker

You have activated the Bluetooth on Mac. Now, you have to activate the Bluetooth on the Bluetooth speaker. Just press the Pair button and wait for a few seconds. After a few seconds, the Bluetooth is active and ready to search the closest Bluetooth device. 

Find the Speaker’s Name 

The last thing to do is clicking the Pair button on your Mac. The Mac’s Bluetooth is activated and started to search the closest Bluetooth device. When your Mac detects a Bluetooth, it shows the name of the device on the screen. In this case, there will be the name of your Bluetooth speaker on the Mac screen. Commonly, the name appears in the serial number of the brand. Just be careful when choosing the speaker’s name, especially if there are more than one devices and both of them are turning on the Bluetooth. When both of the devices are connected, you can listen to your favorite music from your Mac to your Bluetooth Speaker.  The explanation above shows that connecting Bluetooth speaker to laptop whether it is Windows or Mac is easy to do. You just need to understand how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop carefully. Then, follow the steps and make sure that you do it in the right way. There is no significant difference between connecting Bluetooth speaker to Windows and Mac. You just need to make sure that both of the devices are connected first. Soon, you can listen to your favorite music from laptop to Bluetooth speaker. If there is something wrong, you can check the steps of how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop and follow it again until you can connect the devices.          

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