Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Speaker Review

Even though we are talking about bookshelf speaker here, we can say that this speaker is far from that kind of categories. The main reason is its size. This speaker can be considered huge compared to other pioneer stereo system products. With 8.4 x 18.1 x 7.1 inches of dimension, it will be difficult to put it on top of your cabinet, bookshelf or table without taking too much space on it. Moreover, it is difficult to use it as one speaker for your home theatre or TV. In short, you need to prepare a special shelf for SP-C22.

How about its performance? As one of let’s call it the pioneer floor speakers, it has decent sound. If you are very sensitive and experienced a lot with the sound quality and stuff, maybe you won’t be satisfied with the sound quality this speaker can give to you. With only 55Hz – 20kHz frequency range, you can see that it can’t give you the detailed sound on the low or high frequency.

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But, if you are not an audiophile and just want to have a nice speaker to listen to your music or watching a movie, SP-C22 is a good choice. So, we can call this product as the entry-level speaker from Pioneer. This product is a good start for you who want to know more about the sound system. Or, if you plan to buy the decent speaker for the first time, you can also choose this Pioneer works.

And one more thing. The big size also comes with a heavyweight. Just one unit of SP-C22 weights 13.45 lbs. that’s quite big and heavy for a bookshelf or floor speaker. If you plan to move your speaker around and use it in a different room in your house, this one maybe isn’t for you. But, if you have a special room where you can listen to your favorite song, you can place SP-C22 in there and that’s good.

Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Speaker Specification :

Brand: Pioneer
Model SP-C22
Special Design Horizontal style speaker with dark
natural wood finish + magnetically shielded
Speakers Drive unit – Twin 4-in Woofers and Soft Dome Tweeter
– Built-in 6 Element Sophisticated Crossover
Frequency Range 55 Hz-20 kHz
Connection Two rear side wire connection
Dimension 8.4 inches x 18.1 inches x 7.1 inches
Weight 13 lbs 45 oz

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This is a good entry-level speaker. It’s perfect for you who just want to listen to nice sound quality, without being picky about its frequency and other stuff. In short, we will recommend it for you just like what we did on ourpioneer sp fs52 review.

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