UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom

UE has two main Bluetooth speakers which are UE Boom 2 and Megaboom. Let’s try to compare UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom so you know the detail. The detail is including the specification, things that you love, and the drawback of the devices. After learning the details, you can get the choose the best Bluetooth speaker to use. Learn the detail below carefully.   

UE Boom 2 Specification 

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UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is a solution for those who need a portable and flexible Bluetooth speaker. The design of the product is compact, sleek, and lightweight so you can bring this device anywhere and anytime you want. Travelers who also love to listen to music need to have this device. Indeed, the reason why people buy and use UE Boom 2 is sound quality. The system helps to produce stereo sound with deep bass. 

It is also important to make sure that the Bluetooth speaker is durable in any kind of condition and area. The benefit of using this device is that you will have a durable Bluetooth speaker along with waterproof and shockproof ability. Interestingly, you can bring the speaker into one-meter depth for 30 minutes. 

The battery life is also an important thing to consider. Some of you want to listen to music all day long to support your activity. Due to this need, UE Boom 2 is supported by 15 hours of battery life if the battery is fully recharged. As a wireless Bluetooth speaker, connectivity is an important element. UE Boom 2 knows that you want to connect the device with the other products such as your laptop. Because of that, the connection is reached up to 100 feet. The performance and range depend on battery life and the environmental conditions. 

Things that You Love about UE Boom 2

There are several things that you might love while choosing UE Boom 2. First, this Bluetooth speaker is offered in up to 11 colors to give more options. The colors are including phantom, cherry bomb, green machine, marina, meteor, origami, panther, phantom, tropical, twilight magenta, and yeti. Some of the colors are new and out of the box in the Bluetooth speaker industry. 

The design is extremely cool in which it looks like a flash disk. The buttons and ports have been managed well so you can easily use the Bluetooth speaker. The buttons are including the pairing and power button. Moreover, there is also an audio jack for plugging in the other audio sources, micro USB charging port, and standard camera mount. 

The Drawback of UE Boom 2

The package does not include a wall charger. You can only see a USB charging cable in the list of the accessories. It might be the reason why some people think twice before buying it. 

Let’s take a look at the competitors and find out what makes UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker worth it to buy. 

UE Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker Specification 

UE Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker Specification
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Audio quality is one of the important elements in choosing a Bluetooth speaker. Due to this need, UE Megaboom is designed along with a voice controller. It is compatible with Siri or Google Now voice. By using those two apps, you can control the sound of the speaker only with your voice.   

Just like UE Boom 2, UE Megaboom is also protected with a waterproof material so you can bring the speaker one-meter depth underwater for up to 30 minutes. One of the differences is on the use of the Ultimate Ears app. This app allows you to connect with friends as long as they are using Megaboom speakers. You can connect each of the Megaboom speakers and turn up the volume. It is a great feature, especially for gathering, party, or reunion with friends. 

Things You Love about UE Megaboom 

It seems that you will love UE Megaboom because of the compact, sleek, and lightweight design. The overall design looks the same with UE Boom 2. You are about to bring a Bluetooth speaker looks like a flash disk. Because of the design, you can easily bring the Bluetooth speaker wherever you go. You can put it in your pocket or bag. 

If UE Boom 2 is offered in 11 colors, UE Megaboom is offered in 6 colors. The colors are black, deep radiant, lave red, plum, twilight magenta, and black. The voice controller makes the device easy to manage and you can enjoy music with the best and the most suitable volume. 

The Drawback of UE Megaboom 

The problem why people think twice before buying this Bluetooth speaker is on the items you get. A package of the UE Megaboom is not including a micro USB cable. It seems that there is no significant problem with this Bluetooth speaker. You can use it well, especially if you are a traveler or anyone who want to listen to music anytime and anywhere. The drawback seems to be the same between UE Boom 2 and UE Megaboom. You can buy the accessory separately if you need it.   


So, which one of the Bluetooth speakers above is the best device? In the sense of performance, both of them are equal. The design is also similar and the difference is only on the number of colors. If you want to get more color options, you can buy UE Boom 2. The additional accessory becomes the weaknesses of these devices. The manufacturer needs to solve this issue right away to serve a perfect Bluetooth speaker to the users.   In the end, the choice is yours! You just need to match between your needs as a music lover and the device you need. It can be said that UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom is draw or equal. Just have to read the complete detail carefully and decide which one of them is the best Bluetooth speaker to use. It is better to buy a Bluetooth speaker that can support your activity. As a result, you can finish all the jobs while listening to your favorite music because you bring a Bluetooth speaker anywhere you go.   

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